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Our ServicesEmergency Treatment

At Vantage Dental we are here to help. We will do our best to accommodate emergency appointments. Please call us to arrange an urgent appointment as soon as you notice or experience any of the following:

Lost Filling or Crown

If you notice a filling or crown that is loose or detached, making an urgent appointment with your dentist is crucial.  At Vantage Dental we will examine and treat the restoration failure promptly in order to avoid further damage to your teeth.

A crown or filling failure can sometimes indicate decay or weakness in surrounding tissue, which may compromise your oral health. So even if you are not experiencing pain, we can not stress enough, the importance of having your restoration reviewed.

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Pain at the back of the mouth may be caused by a wisdom tooth attempting to erupt. Sometimes there can be lack of space or an impaction due to an improperly erupted tooth. This can occasionally lead to infection that may manifest itself as pain, swelling, difficulties in swallowing or bad breath.

In this situation, dental x-rays and a thorough examination are needed to assess the problem and provide you with the best solution.

On occasions, we may recommend removal of a wisdom tooth. We can talk to you about the many options available if this situation arises.


Time is of the essence after a traumatic injury to a tooth. Seeking dental attention promptly can be the difference between keeping, or losing a tooth.

If your tooth is knocked out of your mouth (avulsed), handle the tooth by its crown. If dirty, immediately run it under cold water or milk and attempt to reposition tooth in the socket. If you are unable to reposition the tooth, place it in a glass of milk and call us at Vantage Dental for an emergency appointment. We will try our best to accommodate you as quickly as possible


When an infection develops deep within a tooth, the infection can travel from within the tooth into the bone. At times, the infection may break through the gum and appear as a “yellow pimple” on the gum surface. An infection should be treated as soon as possible as it may destroy bone and supporting tissues of the surrounding teeth. This situation is known as a Periapical Abscess.

A Periodontal Abscess occurs when bacteria travels in between a tooth and gum toward the root of a tooth causing active infection, pain, swelling and tooth mobility. Please contact us at Vantage Dental so we may help alleviate your pain, treat your condition and restore your oral health.

Broken/Fractured/Cracked Tooth

Swift changes in oral temperature (for example eating hot and cold foods or beverages), hard foods, sugary sweets, combined with poor oral hygiene can make your teeth very susceptible to fractures, decay and chips.

At times a tooth may develop a crack due to excessive chewing forces, grinding, or very hard foods.  As the “crack” increases in size it may cause pain and sensitivity. In addition decay may take hold within and around the crack leading to a weakened tooth.  When biting on a weakened area, the tooth may collapse leaving an obvious cavity.

Upon noticing a crack, chip or decay, we urge you to make an appointment as soon as possible. Your tooth is at risk and the earlier you seek treatment the better the prognosis. Generally speaking the earlier treatment is commenced, the less a tooth would have been damaged and therefore the lower the cost.