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Our ServicesOrthodontics with Fastbraces

Vantage Dental is very proud to be able to offer you Fastbraces Technology. This is a cheaper, quicker and simpler technique to straighten mal-aligned teeth, when compared to traditional braces.

Traditional Orthodontic braces involve two stages over a period of about 2 years. The first stage involves aligning the crows (or tops) of your teeth and the second stage is focused on straightening the roots.

Fastbraces Technology is able to address these two stages simultaneously. This patented system uses a different mechanism that can correct the position of the roots from the beginning of treatment using a unique wire and special brackets. This can reduce the time of your orthodontic treatment by half or even more!

Shorter orthodontic treatment times have the advantages of reduced discomfort, reduced number of visits to the dentist, reduced cost and most importantly, a shorter period wearing braces.

Traditionally, braces have been perceived as a treatment most often delivered to children or adolescents. However with the short treatment time using Fastbraces Technology, adults are now seizing the opportunity to improve their smiles.

Despite the huge appeal and convenience of Fastbraces Technology, it is not for everyone. Prior to commencing treatment with Fastbraces Technology, we will undertake a thorough assessment to determine if this treatment is appropriate for you. In more complicated or challenging cases we may advise that Specialist Orthodontic treatment is more appropriate. We can happily refer you on to a trusted Orthodontist in our area.