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Our ServicesPreventative Dentistry

Patient Education

At Vantage Dental we place a high priority on educating our patients about the cause and prevention of dental disease. It is far more important than simply solving the problem, which is why we provide you with a holistic approach to maintaining good oral health. There are many factors that influence your personal risk of tooth decay and gum disease. We will help you take control of these factors, therefore reducing your risk of future problems.

Oral Hygiene

Hygiene visits along with regular examinations can prevent development of disease. Your teeth and gums are an extremely important part of your body. Without them you would not be able to eat, talk, and function. You should care for your teeth and gums from an early age by brushing daily and flossing.

Your teeth are supported by gums, bone, fibres and ligaments. If not cared for correctly, bacteria will thrive between teeth and gums, deteriorating these supporting tissues leading to dental disease. As importantly, lack of oral hygiene can cause enamel destruction causing cavitation, know as caries (tooth decay).

Your Oral Hygiene Visit will normally involve a thorough examination of your facial tissues, your mouth, gums and teeth. If needed, radiographs will be taken to ensure early detection of decay and/or gum disease.

We will provide you with Oral Hygiene Instructions to ensure you maintain proper techniques at home. We will thoroughly clean any plaque, tartar or staining, followed by polishing, flossing and fluoride treatment if necessary. This will help protect your teeth and strengthen the enamel making them less susceptible to decay.

Customised Mouthguards

We believe an active lifestyle with regular exercise and a healthy diet is vital for your health. We encourage sporting activities but unfortunately injuries can occur. A customised mouthguard provides valuable protection for your teeth. “Off the shelf” mouthguards are generally large, bulky and loose fitting, providing inadequate protection. We’ll assess your mouth and provide you with the best fit, size coverage and thickness, appropriate for your mouth.

Fissure Sealants

This is a very common treatment done to the back teeth of young children from around the age of five or six. Often these teeth have an intricate system of fissures, grooves and/or pits that can potentially be left uncleaned due to the limitations of a simple toothbrush. This often results in a reservoir for bacteria, which may lead to rapid decay.

Fissure Sealant Application is a pain free procedure that will prevent decay. It is achieved by cleaning the deep grooves and pits, isolating the tooth/teeth, then applying a thin coat of a dental material to seal them.