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Here at Vantage Dental we aim to create a warm and friendly environment for all. We believe it is very important to ensure your children grow to love and care for their teeth and gums. We aim to ensure that children naturally progress to become accustomed to maintain good oral health and a sense of pride in their smile.

Restorative Dentistry

This is an amazing field of Dentistry! We can restore a chipped or decayed part of a tooth and enhance the appearance of your smile.

Whether a broken tooth occurs as a result of a playground injury, sporting accident, tooth decay or food related fracture, a dental filling can restore the appearance and function of a tooth. You may have wear facets form grinding or clenching, developmental abnormalities, or you may simply want a filling to improve the appearance of your tooth.

With the technology of our intraoral cameras we can show you every step of your procedure, providing you with reassurance and appreciation of the entire process.

Root Canal Therapy

Every tooth has an internal nerve that provides nutrients, sensation and vitality to the tooth. When the nerve becomes infected due to decay, trauma or a fracture, the treatment options for your tooth become limited. Our aim at Vantage Dental is to preserve and retain as many natural teeth as possible with good oral health.

To treat and save an infected tooth, it is necessary to remove all the decay and access the internal nerve.  We then need to clean all debris and bacteria off the affected nerve and seal the root canal system to prevent further bacteria from re-entering the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment is relatively simple and painless and has a high rate of success. It may take two or more appointments depending on the condition of your tooth. In most cases the best restoration post Root Canal Treatment, is a Dental Crown.

We can help you understand this procedure thoroughly when you come to see us. We find that written information with graphics helps immensely, and provides peace of mind.


A tooth removal doesn’t have to be traumatic. At Vantage Dental we understand how you feel and have total compassion and care to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Whatever the reason for an extraction, we will assess your tooth and surrounding structures with a dental x-ray. We will then talk you through your possible treatment options.

Whether it is “in the chair” with Local Anaesthesia, or with the help of Nitrous Oxide (Happy Gas), or under General Anaesthesia, we will assist you in receiving the best quality care.


Dentures are a prosthesis designed to replace one or several teeth. Dentures can be an excellent restorative solution for some patients, from both a cosmetic and cost perspective. There are different types of dentures made from many different  materials such as acrylic, Cobalt Chrome alloy and nylon/flexible material.

We often provide dentures as a temporary solution while an implant treatment is planed. Dentures can also offer patients a more durable, permanent and comfortable solution.

TMJ Bruxism (Grinding Habit)

Most people tend to clench or grind from time to time. This can occur during the day, but it normally happens at night during sleep. If untreated it can lead to headaches, TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) problems, worn dentition, or fractured teeth.

We are able to detect early signs of this habit during our clinical examination. To prevent deterioration of your dentition and jaw joint we can provide you with a night guard (occlusal splint), which is made after taking a mould of your teeth. This appliance is manufactured by specialised technicians and can be provided to you at a subsequent appointment.

At times an injectable muscle relaxant is required to treat the hyperactive muscle(s) causing the discomfort. We can talk to you about this and other treatment options available.